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The companies appearing on the exception list below have set a fee for access to their tariff data different from the standard fee provided by the remaining companies.  For access, you must review the agreement, complete the registration form and forward to the respective carrier along with your pre-payment as outlined below.  

If payment does not accompany your registration form, your request will NOT be processed.  Payment is NOT refundable, unless separately agreed to by the carrier in writing.  Dart Maritime Service, Inc. does NOT handle registration requests nor offer access separate from that expressly authorized by member carriers hosted at this site, and will not receive any payment for such.  All correspondence regarding registration should be directed to the carrier.


Allison Shipping (017691) - $175/mo; 3-month min.
AUSCLA (011946) - $75/mo; 3-month min.
Embassy Freight International (016812) - $150/mo; 3-mo min.
Interlog USA, Inc. (016463) - $3500/year.
FR. Meyer's Sohn (016991) - $100/mo; 3-month min.
KC International (011316) - $50/mo; 12-mo minimum term
Mark VII Transport (008913) - $250/mo; $1000 Reg. Fee


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